I am No Longer a Sceptic!

Bob Leggitt | Friday, 28 October 2011 |

This was as much a surprise to me as it will be to anyone who knows me. Yes, it’s quite true: I, Bob Leggitt, have recently seen the light. I was a sceptic for most of my life, but I’m not any more. As far as I'm now concerned, the supernatural is wholly real.

Sometimes, there happens an event which changes everything. It takes your feet and hauls them into the air above your head, and your life is upside down. Well, it’s not, but you’re upside down so it looks like your life has been turned on its head. And it’s at that point you realise the truth. The catalyst for many people to see the light is a drunken hallucination. Maybe the pub has disappeared. I mean, it hasn’t, obviously – it’s still there. But the person can’t see it because he/she is absolutely sloshed off the face of the earth. He/she thinks: “OMG! Where’s the pub?… A ghost must have moved it. That’s it – dead people must still be alive!!! Why else would I not be able to see the pub?…”

Of course, being a paragon of self-control I don’t touch alcohol, so that couldn’t happen to me. My catalyst was something very real. That’s why I’m so convinced that the supernatural does, afterall, exist. How do I know the event was real? Because other people saw it, and they can still see it, because it’s still going on. I don’t just mean a few people, by the way – I mean millions! So what was/is this amazing occurrence? This startling event which could not possibly happen under the normal laws of science? This scientifically impossible phenomenon which millions of people know to be true?… Yes, you’ve guessed: Russell Grant is still in Strictly Come Dancing!

Let’s look at the facts.

Fact 1) Russell has supernatural powers.
Fact 2) He’s still in Strictly Come Dancing.

How much more conclusive could a nugget of proof for the existence of the supernatural possibly be?

I shall maintain my new stance for every week Russell survives in the competition. And if he wins the title, I shall never utter another word about the supernatural being a load of old crap. Indeed, I shall also submit the fullness of my Strictly Come Dancing video footage to Mr James Randi (with the exception of my Nancy Dell’Olio compilation DVD, which I shall keep for personal reasons). Mr Randi will then have the conclusive proof he so desperately seeks, that the supernatural is entirely real. He will confirm to the world that a man has become Strictly Come Dancing champion through the power of his thoughts, and… well, that ghosts exist and mediums can talk to the dead, basically.

I would be most interested to hear from anyone who has felt compelled to vote for Russell - particularly if they don't have the faintest clue why they’re doing it. Maybe you heard voices in your sleep? Maybe someone at work borrowed your phone, and when you got it back you found they’d voted for Russell 10,000 times?… If so, could you ask them what made them do it?... Actually, you probably would already have done that in a loud, angry voice, wouldn't you? But if you could pass the information onto me I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

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