Trojan Virus Reported on Mediafire Download

Bob Leggitt | Friday, 17 February 2012 |

This is just a quick message for anyone downloading the VST software available from this site. Up until 17th February 2012, all of the download files have been hosted at Mediafire. However, I'm now in the process of migrating all the downloads to Google Sites.

After an error message on a Mediafire download was brought to my attention earlier this week, I've been doing some tests on the downloads - during the process of which I was quite horrified to find that on one occasion, my anti-virus was triggered. It wasn't triggered by the download itself. As far as I can tell it was actually triggered by a script executed when Mediafire opened an ad in a new browser window (an aggressive 'popunder'). I would not expect a download I know is completely clean (afterall, I made the file) to bother my anti-virus, without me clicking on anything but the Download button. If this was a real Trojan, I do blame Medifire, which should ensure its download mechanism is impossible for unscrupulous advertisers to exploit. It really annoys me that after I've made such a great effort to keep Planet Botch 100% honest and maintain its integrity at all times, I try to download my own file, and my antivirus reports a Trojan.

Hopefully, an end to this within 48 hours.

If you are in the process of downloading any VST software from Planet Botch, please be assured that I'll now re-host and re-link every item as quickly as possible. Because I need to be sure that the new downloads work for everyone, wherever they may be, I don't want to re-host everything in one session. I've started tonight by re-hosting the Classic-H, the Skanksta, and Stomp Kings SK-4, SK-5 and SK-6. If I've had no reports of problems with these new downloads by tomorrow, I'll proceed with the rest of the software. I'd be grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible, on the Contactify link (at the bottom of each page), if you have any difficulty downloading the items listed above.

May I also mention that for short periods during the re-hosting, some instruments or effects will become unavailable. By the end of Sunday 19th February, all the re-hosting should be complete, so by next week every link should be working. Downloads will be quicker and free from adverts from that point forward. If anything should change regarding the above I'll update this post.

I'd like to conclude by thanking everyone for downloading and using this site's VST software, and for the many positive comments I know people have made about the instruments and effects across the web, and of course to me in person via Contactify.

UPDATE: 18th February 2012... I've now completed the re-hosting of all Planet Botch downloads, so you'll no longer encounter the 'Mediafire experience', and the download process should be much quicker and better from now on. I still ask that you report any future problems with downloading to me via the Contactify link.

UPDATE: January 2014... Anyone considering uploading to Mediafire should also know that the host has implemented a feature allowing and encouraging users to spam you with emails requesting access if you make a previously shared file non-public. YOU CANNOT STOP THESE SPAM EMAILS, EVEN IF YOU DELETE THE FILE.

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