Someone Call You Stupid? Here's the Scientific Response...

Bob Leggitt | Saturday, 28 September 2013 |

I’ve just tried a very interesting experiment on Google. Here’s what I did…

1) I typed a grammatically correct “You’re a complete idiot” into the search box.
2) I typed a grammatically incorrect “Your a complete idiot” into the search box.

Guess which one generated the most results…

Fascinatingly, the grammatically correct version generated around 543,000 results, whist the incorrect version generated 826,000 results. The lesson? People who are not exactly the height of intelligence themselves, are more likely to accuse their fellow Internet users of being complete idiots. That’s official, more or less.

The correct way to call someone a complete idiot registered 543,000 results on Google. 

The stupid way to call someone an idiot registered 826,000 results.

This isn’t a post about bad grammar. I don’t support grammatical nitpicking on the Web. But this really does beautifully illustrate how meaningless online accusations and insults are, and how little notice should be taken of them. Evidently, the majority of people calling others complete idiots online are idiots themselves. Not because they don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, but because they’re too stupid to consider, before calling someone else a complete idiot, that they might themselves be equally ignorant, if not more so.

So, next time someone on the Internet says you're stupid, link them to this post, and remind them that accusations of stupidity in the online world are, statistically and scientifically, most likely to be coming from a dickhead.

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