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For matters of interest relating to content on the blog, I currently only respond via Twitter. I know that's not viable for anyone without a Twitter account, and I'm sorry if that's the case. The reason I restrict matters of interest to Twitter is that it allows me to keep my email address private, as well as encouraging concise exchanges that I can read and answer quickly.

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For business enquiries, relating to copywriting and other paid engagements, you can use the contact form below, and your message will transmit by email. Please be aware of the Privacy Policy if you're using the contact form. I'll respond to any serious enquiries from registered businesses as soon as possible.

Thanks. Bob Leggitt.

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Bob Leggitt
Bob Leggitt is a print-published writer, multi-instrumentalist and twice Guitarist of the Year finalist, Google-certified digital marketer, image manipulation expert, virtual musical instrument builder, "Twitter detective", and author of successful blogs such as Planet Botch, Twirpz and Tape Tardis. | [Twitter] | [Contact info]