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Cookies are text files containing pieces of information from a website, which are stored on your computer.

This blog is hosted on Google's Blogger (.blogspot) platform, which has a specific cookie policy, accessible via the link below...

Blogger Cookie Policy

The Administrator of this blog, as a separate entity, does not collect, or attempt to collect, any personally identifying information relating to blog visitors. This applies across all devices, including mobile phones.

However, the Administrator does use Google Analytics to gather data about visitors' use of the site. Such data is gathered as a guide to which content is the most useful, and therefore what type of new content will prove the most beneficial for any future visits you may make. Google Analytics determines and provides the Administrator with an approximate location for visitors, along with the type of device used. The approximate location is no more specific than a city or town. The information available to the blog Administrator through Google Analytics could not reasonably be held to personally identify an individual.

Google Analytics uses cookies to determine whether or not you've visited the blog before, and to keep track of your movements from page to page. In the context of this particular blog, Google Analytics only uses first-party cookies. If you need a precise description of the cookies Google Analytics will set and read, you can find a rundown here.

Google provides more privacy information relating to its Analytics utility via the page linked to below...

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by visiting the following page...

Additionally, this blog may serve you with advertisements through the Google Adsense programme. In common with other online advertising, this involves the use of both first- and third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are not exclusive to one site, which means they can potentially be read on a number of other sites you visit, in the process potentially sharing information about your use of this blog with partners of Google.

However, the Administrator of this blog has disabled personalised ads for all visitors, so you will not be subject to any user-specific ad-targeting on this blog. Ads you see on this blog may still, nevertheless, be relevant to the content in the post you're currently reading.

The privacy documentation for Google's advertising programme can be found via the link below...

Google Ads / Partners Privacy Policy

You are not obliged to accept cookies, and you can still use this site if you choose to block them. Your browser should allow the blocking/disabling of all conventional cookies, or the blocking of third party cookies only, or a selective arrangement in which you choose which specific sites or domains you want to allow to place/read conventional cookies. You'll need to consult the documentation relating to your specific browser for instructions on how to block or disable cookies.

If you disable cookies, your page visits on this blog will not be recorded in the Google Analytics results served to the blog Administrator, but you should still opt out of Google Analytics tracking as documented above, if you want to ensure the tool does not track you.

This blog incorporates hyperlinks, both text-based and pictorial, to other websites. The Administrator of this blog accepts no responsibility for content you may find on the third-party sites you access via hyperlinks. Separate sites will also have their own privacy policies, which are a separate agreement between you and them, and are not covered in this notice.


You may encounter Twitter widgets on this blog, which display content from Twitter. In accordance with this, you'll find the relevant privacy information in Twitter's privacy policy.

There are several SoundCloud audio streams on this site. SoundCloud has a separate privacy policy, which you can find via the link below...

SoundCloud Cookie Policy

You should know that SoundCloud streams may place LSO/Flash cookies on your computer, and that these do not conform to normal cookie protocols. SoundCloud have stated that their LSO/Flash cookies are used only for functionality and not to collect user data. But you may wish to read my article on LSO Supercookies for instructions on how to eradicate or block them. Please bear in mind that some SoundCloud streams may not work or even display if you block LSO/Flash cookies on your computer.


Planet Botch treats the privacy of every individual with the utmost respect and will not collect, publish or pass on any personally identifying information relating to site visits.