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Bob Leggitt | Thursday, 15 November 2012 |

Planet Botch is a blog/website covering a broad range of subjects, but taking a particular interest in musical instruments/devices/software, the social web and forums, the blogosphere, privacy, and new ideas/concepts. All of the content is original. If it's on Planet Botch it was created specifically for and by Planet Botch - and that includes the free VST software downloads. The site started in 2011, initially as a humour project. But after some experimentation with different types of content, demand for musically-orientated and analytical material soon drove the site in a different direction, and that's been the main focus ever since. Planet Botch has consistently gathered momentum, with site hits having approximately doubled in the last three months, as I update this Welcome page in November 2012.

Planet Botch is divided into sections, which are described below. Clicking a heading will take you to the relevant landing page for your chosen section...

Music Making Section

Free software (VST instruments and effects) for PC musicians, created in-house at Planet Botch, plus detailed retrospective reviews of interesting musical instruments and music-related devices from the past and present. The reviews cover a particularly extensive range of electric guitars and related products (as well as keyboards, recording gadgets, etc.), and serve as completely unbiased, detailed and informed appraisals of gear you may struggle to find information about elsewhere.

From the Tokai TST-50 in the 1980s article. One of many original, informed retrospectives at Planet Botch.

Social Web Section

The Social Web Section incorporates a wide range of articles on social networking, forums / message boards, the blogosphere, and the psychology of the social web user. There are also some tutorial pieces relating to Tumblr, its Search Engine Optimisation, and how to carry out design enhancements. If you think you might need to know what the blogosphere is really thinking, how to follow Twitter accounts anonymously and without the account holders knowing, or simply how to get yourself out of trouble on a forum, this is the section for you.

General Section

The General Section incorporates some of the most fascinating and useful material on the site. Should you pay to promote creative work online? Why is low self esteem a good thing? How seriously is your work at risk of plagiarism? How d'you prove your psychic is fake? Why should you never trust a survey?... These intriguing questions, and many more, are explored and answered within Planet Botch's General content.

Music Section

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The music section comprises original Planet Botch recordings, which you can instantly stream without the need for downloading. The tracks have a commercial sound, incorporating a wide range of influences including rock, soul, ska, blues, reggae, trad gospel, punk, and much more.

Imaging Section

From the 2001 Fuji Finepix 6800Z retro/review.

The Imaging section is the newest addition to Planet Botch, and is at present a collection of photographically-inclined articles which have been added to the site over time, along with links to more specialised shooting/editing tutorials and analyticals.

LOL Section

Planet Botch began as an experimental humour project, and this is where all of the early content resides. So, can you sue your parents if you're stupid?... What's it like to have a hair replacement?... How d'you brainwash yourself?... Do people still go to the lavatory in the afterlife?... What happens when you accept content from a guest blogger who claims to have found your trousers, which were stolen by dogs?... The answers to all these questions, and many more, can be found in the Planet Botch LOL Section.

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