Welcome to Planet Botch

Bob Leggitt | Thursday, 15 November 2012
PlanetBotch Vintage Ultima freeware organ VTSi
The Vintage Ultima is one of the Virtual musical instruments made for the VST environment by Planet Botch.

Planet Botch is a blog/website covering a broad range of subjects, but taking a particular interest in guitars and other musical instruments, and music tech. It also takes an interest in the social web and forums, the blogosphere, privacy, and new ideas/concepts.

All of the content is original. If it's on Planet Botch it was created specifically for and by Planet Botch - and that includes the free VST software downloads.

The site started in 2011, initially as a humour project. But after some experimentation with different types of content, demand for musically-orientated and analytical material soon drove the site in a different direction, and that's been the main focus ever since.

Semi-acoustic guitars - Rickenbacker 330, Gibson ES-345 and Gibson ES355 arranged in a pose on white carpet

The best way to view Planet Botch is either via the Search function, or by its broad tags, which will display a feed of all relevant posts. These include...

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