Virtual Organs for Download

Bob Leggitt | Wednesday 13 July 2011
This page provides info and links relating to FREE Virtual organs, synths and effects for musicians who create and record using a VST host. All of the virtual instruments and FX you'll find via this site are created exclusively in house.

PlanetBotch Seductress - classic tonewheel organ VST plugin


The software documented on this page is no longer available from this, its original release venue. It was hotlinked here both via Google Sites hosting and via GitHub.

Google - "the cHaMpIoN oF aNtI-cEnSoRsHiP" - decided to censor everyone's files on Google Sites by deleting every last one of them. Except... when Google itself deletes shit, it's no longer called "censorship" - it's called "sunsetting". How cute.

Then Microsoft informed me it would lock me out of GitHub if I didn't cave to its bullshit "2FA" surveillance racket. So the GitHub has gone too. These were not the first hosting options I used for VST instruments on this blog, and there's a point beyond which one has to draw the line on repeatedly re-uploading and re-linking totally free contributions, on an unmonetised site.


IT'S HERE!!! The freebie you've been waiting for has landed, with its virtual tonewheels grinding and its articulate rotary speaker swirling. This late July 2020 introduction replaces 2012's highly popular Classic H, and represents a huge upgrade. Visit the Seductress Tonewheel Organ page for your free plugin download, and you'll find an extra gift to go with it...


The Clonewheel VXK freeware VST organ plugin

The Clonewheel VXK is in a different league from its predecessor the VSTX3. The VXK was modelled literally side by side with a vintage analogue clonewheel organ from the early 1980s, and it reproduces the highly distinctive voicings and electronic rotary effect with very considerable accuracy. Its lively, vital output will instantly take you back to the 1980-1983 period for a sound synonymous with bands like Squeeze and Big Sound Authority. This will give you a tardis trip of some magnitude, and best of all, it's free.

Visit the Clonewheel VXK download/guide page


PlanetBotch Vintage Ultima freeware organ VTSi

The Rawgan has now been replaced by the Vintage Ultima, which vastly improves on the quality, layout, scope and authenticity. You get phenomenal versatility which can cover all bases from harmonium and church organ, through jazz organ, string and pad synths, to the most sophisticated combo and lounge organs of the 1970s. And it's even got SUSVERB! Visit the Vintage Ultima organ/synth page to download this eminently capable monster and read its user guide. Like all the VST stuff on this site, it's still freeware.


The Undercult

Beginning a new chapter of freeware releases, the fantastic Undercult adds a grungey, close-miked rotary speaker simulator to an accurate replica of a 1960s legend. Dual manual key-splits and bass pedal tones are available from your single 61-note input keyboard. You get some brilliantly lively sounds to drive your indie, ska, mod and soul tracks, and you can toggle between the excellent rotary amp and an AC30 type simulator. No outboard effects. It's all built in...

Check out the Undercult freeware VSTi


The Ensembletron

New for 2016 (well, I'm sneaking it out just before Xmas '15), the Ensembletron is an analogue-type string machine with bags of character and a special three-stage Ensemble section for rich, spatial stereo animation. You can customise between '70s vintage lo-fi and an '80s-style hi-fi, but you'll always get the characteristic Ensembletron personality. You can download this FREEWARE VSTi now from the Ensembletron String Synth page.

Stomp King range
The free Stomp King VST effects currently number eight units.


Mutiny Polysynth VST Freeware

FreeST's polysynth - The Mutiny - is still available for free download. This is a retro-style VSTi with all its controls easily accessible on the front panel, no complicated concepts, and no hidden parameters. It represents a return to the days before keyboardists were required to spend months learning to program a synth. If you're looking for high quality analogue-type sounds and simply want to load up and play, you may find that the FreeST Mutiny is what you've been looking for.

Here's the link to the FreeST Mutiny download page.


Stomp King Ro-Tube

The REAL ROTOR VST rotary speaker is still available as a separate effect. However, those looking for the best VST rotary speaker freeware are now advised to try the Stomp King SK-6 Ro-Tube as a first resort. The SK-6 is much more simple to use, addresses issues found in the Rear Rotor, and has a more impressive sound. Don't be put off by its 'pedal' format - the Ro-Tube is a major improvement on the Real Rotor.


The FreeST virtual organs are supplied as VST plug-ins only, and are downloaded as simple, ready-to-use .dll files. After downloading the .dll file, place it in your VST host’s VstPlugins folder. Most VST hosts will then detect the instrument automatically. If you normally have to add your VSTis manually, please use the same process to add these.

The FreeST virtual organs create their sounds in the traditional way, with each drawbar or voicing fader having its own dedicated, independently working oscillator. This sound production system places comparatively heavy demands on the computer’s CPU, so you should be aware that these VSTis will use more system resources than average. This, however, should not present any problem with a relatively modern PC (models from the past five years or so). Please also note that these VSTis can take a few moments to load into the host application.

Please bear in mind that these VSTis are freeware, produced by a hobbyist rather than a business, and they are in no way guaranteed bug-free. Every effort has been taken to make these virtual instruments as usable as possible for a wide range of PC owners, but in some circumstances they may not perform as intended, and they are employed at the user’s own risk. No responsibility can be taken for mishaps which may occur through the adoption or use of any FreeST VSTi. In choosing to download the files, you absolve Planet Botch of all responsibility.

Here are the links to the older organs...

The Guttersnipe

The GutterSnipe (rock organ with unusual ten-drawbar system and overdrive)

The Nash

The Nash (late '70s / early '80s-style home organ with drawbars and effects)