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Like so many teenagers of the '80s, my goal was to be a performing musician. In my quest for fame I spent over five years enduring the usual range of liars, cheats, rip-off merchants, psychopathic managers and orange-tanned medallion men who had links with organised crime… And that was just the staff of the guitar shop... 

It was knackering work searching through the vast sea of incompetence for band members who knew enough about hair gel to actually make it in music. But then, it would happen. You'd finally meet that one rare musician who knew all the right salons and could almost play an instrument, and everything would once again seem worthwhile.  The links here on the Planet Botch Music Page explore the culmination of my long musical journey. All tracks © Planet Botch.

The top three tracks in the list below have their example streams on this page. The rest of the streams can be accessed on the lyric pages, by clicking the relevant links.

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Planet Botch - Just Bullshit (ska/rock/soul)

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